Gauri K

I had annoying Ringworm infection in my private parts since 1 Year. I had terrible itching and dark marks in the groins. I visited many doctors and took multiple treatments but it used to recur immediately. Dr. Shraddha explained me the nature of disease that its communicable. She treated all my affected family members and explained changes in day to day life to avoid recurrence. I am so thankful to her to relieve me from this problem.- Gauri K.

Mrunal Patil

I came to Dr Shraddha for Loose skin and pigmentation 6 months ago. She counselled me on how to take care of skin and diet. I started using products recommended by her. I am taking Laser Photofacial every month. I am delighted to see positive changes like glow, radiance and tighter skin. I love takiing Photofacial... Mrunal Patil

Ravindra Kanal

I was harassed with excessive sweating on my palms, soles and axilla. I had tried many treatments in past but none were good. I came across Botox Injections as definitive solution on internet. I searched for doctors who could do it in Nashik. I learnt there are very few. Dr Shraddha counselled me thoroughly about Botox Treatment and its outcome. I am free of sweating after my treatment. She made me comfortable during the painful procedure. I will continue taking it now...Ravindra Kanal

Sunita Pradhan

I was depressed and on psychiatric medications due to Psoriasis. Dr Shraddha treated me with least tablets and change of creams and lifestyle. My problem is completely controlled now. I feel Cheerful and go about my daily routine efficiently.....Sunita Pradhan.

Dr. Patil

I had lost my confidence due to baldness. Dr Shraddha guided me well. She treated me with Mesotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP) . I have regrown my hair and confidence without going for Hair Transplant Surgery... Dr. Patil.



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