Skin Treatments

Fungal infection

  • Ringworm / candida cause itching and rashes in groins, genitals or body parts
  • It occurs due to sweat occlusion, Diabetes/ thyroid problems.
  • It is transferable from one to another
  • Treatable wtih Medicines and change in hygiene Patterns.


  • Acne occur due to oily skin, hormone imbalance
  • Face, chest and back can have acne , Dark spots or scarring.
  • Treated with medicines, Change of skin products, Exercise.
  • Chemical peeling gives excellent results in dark spots and active acne
  • Dermaroller or Laser resurfacing is done for scars


  • Any dark spot on face takes away confidence.
  • Regular use of good SPF sunscreen and right choice of night repair creams can reduce it.
  • Change in lifestyle, weight reduction and oral antioxidants help in reducing Pigmentation.


  • It is Autoimmune disorder , non Transferable, Not Hereditory
  • Skin is formed every 2 days leading to scaling and red patches all over body.
  • It affects skin, nails and joints.
  • It can be completely controlled with guided Medicines.
  • Quality of life can be maintained to normal.


  • White patches on body.
  • It can occur at any age.
  • Complete repigmentation can be achieved with regular treatment.
  • Newer therapies and Surgeries are available.


  • Allergic contact dermatitis, Drug allergy, Urticaria, attopic dermatitis in children
  • Can be manged effectively with leat medicines and change in lifestyle.

Nail diseases

  • Various diseases have impact on nails
  • Fungal infections, Brittle nails, Discoloration of nails are treated.


  • Abnormal healing of wounds leads to reddish , elevated scar in predisposed individuals.
  • Intralesional steroid injections, cryotherapy can reduce the bump.



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