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On occasion of World Skin Health Day celebrated all over the world on 6th April, I am trying to create awareness about creams containing steroids. This is raging topic of concern in skin health care today.

In the era of Advertisement Influence, Fairness has become more important than Intelligence. Girls and boys are both bombarded with commercials showing superstars insisting on becoming fair in 14 days or even in lesser time. In the wish to get best results in short time , adolescent populationĀ  falls prey of such marketing gimmicks.

Another Blunder is to use Steroid containing creams for Fungal Infection in Groins. It only suppresses the redness and itching through its anti inflammatory action but it causes the underlying fungus to become resistant to antifungal creams, making treatment difficult and expensive.

Steroid containing combination creams are prescribed by General practitioners who are not qualified Dermatologists or in worst scenario are suggested by Pharmacist or friends or relatives. In most cases People suggesting the cream have no clue about the contents.

Most of the creams contain Potent steroids like Clobetasol propionate/ Mometasone propionate alone or with other antifungal / antibiotic combination. Many Popular Fairness creams brands have hidden steroids.

A public awareness Initiative. From IADVL E-groups. 30 Dec Prepared on behalf of IADVL egroup members.

A public awareness Initiative. From IADVL E-groups. 30 Dec Prepared on behalf of IADVL egroup members.

Long term use of steroid containing creams can cause increased hair growth on face, swelling of face, Cataract in the eyes leading to vision impairment. Permanent thinning and whitening of skin (Atrophy) is an irreversible change. Skin thinning makes it more sun sensitive causing redness on sun exposed skin. Application of steroid creams on large areas can lead to its absorption in our blood causing Diabetes, Reduced Immunity and Cushingoid features.

Our Indian Association of Dermatologists and Venereologists (IADVL) has been trying hard to make steroid containing creams ONLY PRESCRIPTION or SCHEDULE H drugs so that they wont be available for over the counter sale and cant be abused.

It is always prudent to checkĀ  the contents of the creams you plan to use for treatment unless prescribed by a Dermatologist. Its wise to consult before using Fairness creams or Creams for Fungal infection. I hope my article helps to create awareness against steroid creams abuse.


Dr. Shraddha Hemant Sonanis has done her MBBS from TNMC and Nair Hospital, Mumbai. She pursued her post-graduation in Dermatology from Seth GSMC and KEM Hospital Mumbai. She has been practicing Dermatology and Venereology since 2009. She has worked with variuos Lasers and acquired skills in Dermatosurgery. She has 9 Years of experience in Aesthetic Dermatology and Cosmetology. She has worked with renowned Kaya Skin Clinic for 6 Years. Her special interest is in Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Hair loss and Filler treatment. She likes working with new modalities of treatment for various skin disorders. She is skilled in performing aesthetic procedures like Botox, Dermal Fillers, PRP. She is trained in Mesotherapy and PRP treatment for hair loss. She has added USFDA approved Diode Laser for permanent hair reduction in her clinic. She has state of the art lasers for various other skin and hair issues. She devotes time for social causes by taking free check up camps and informative lectures for underpriviledged women and children. She frequently writes in news papers about diseases like vitiligo and leprosy which have social taboo attached to it. She believes that skin care is comprehensive approach including Balanced Diet, Healthy Lifestyle and right products suggested by Dermatologist.

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