Ringworm/ Fungal Infection

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There has been sudden surge of fungal infection. It used to be a disease for unhygienic class of people in overcrowded areas. But due to rampant and in-judicial use of potent steroid in combination creams which areĀ  widely available at all chemist shops, The fungus has developed resistance to its drugs.

It now affects all classes of people. It is contagious through touch, sharing clothes, shoes and articles of daily use. It mainly happens in wet areas like groins, buttock folds and then through nails spreads anywhere on body.

Using steroid containing creams can only relieve itching but infection persists. It returns with full vengeance once you stop these creams. Resistant fungal infections require long term therapy which gets expensive. Treatment of all contacts affected is necessary to arrest further spread.

Regular medicines, Twice a day bathe, Change of clothes, Regular washing of clothes and sun drying, antifungal powders to keep flexures dry are few important lifestyle changes. Clipping off nails short, strictly avoid sharing things, using cotton and loose clothes help.

This article’s main aim is to make you all aware about steroid containing combination creams and to condemn their use in fungal infections. Its wise to consult a skin specialist at the earliest to avoid getting resistant Tinea Infections.




Dr. Shraddha Hemant Sonanis has done her MBBS from TNMC and Nair Hospital, Mumbai. She pursued her post-graduation in Dermatology from Seth GSMC and KEM Hospital Mumbai. She has been practicing Dermatology and Venereology since 2009. She has worked with variuos Lasers and acquired skills in Dermatosurgery. She has 9 Years of experience in Aesthetic Dermatology and Cosmetology. She has worked with renowned Kaya Skin Clinic for 6 Years. Her special interest is in Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Hair loss and Filler treatment. She likes working with new modalities of treatment for various skin disorders. She is skilled in performing aesthetic procedures like Botox, Dermal Fillers, PRP. She is trained in Mesotherapy and PRP treatment for hair loss. She has added USFDA approved Diode Laser for permanent hair reduction in her clinic. She has state of the art lasers for various other skin and hair issues. She devotes time for social causes by taking free check up camps and informative lectures for underpriviledged women and children. She frequently writes in news papers about diseases like vitiligo and leprosy which have social taboo attached to it. She believes that skin care is comprehensive approach including Balanced Diet, Healthy Lifestyle and right products suggested by Dermatologist.

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